A Wonderful Tea and Perfume Post Plus SSS Draw On Cafleurebon

brie tea edited smOur own Brie has written a special post for Cafleurebon creating tea and perfume pairings with SSS scents. She has sent me a lovely set of samples of these teas, and I’ll package those with carded scent samples and send the package out to the winner of the drawing. You can go to Cafleurebon to enter.

This was a really creative and thoughtful thing to do, and I am quite touched. Thank you, Brie! 🙂

Wild Roses and Killer Tuberose, Oh My!

I didn’t try many new releases in 2012, but I wanted to mention two all-natural floral perfumes that I enjoyed trying this year.

Ayala Moriel’s Treazon is a gorgeous tuberose scent that has more tuberose absolute than any perfume I’ve ever smelled (she referred to it as her killer tuberose while she was working on it). If you judge tuberose by perfumes like Fracas, then you’ve not smelled anything like this. Mixed media perfumes blend synthetics with tuberose absolute to produce a tuberose accord that is different than what you’ll find in an all-natural perfume. If you’ve smelled the all-natural perfume HonorĂ© des PrĂ©s Vamp a New York, then you are familiar with the scent of natural tuberose absolute, though I like Ayala’s Treazon better. Tuberose can be a difficult note for some people, and some will find the first few minutes of Treazon to be unusual. The birch adds a wintergreen note, and it combines with the anise and tuberose to produce a medicinal effect. The wintergreen gradually fades as the tuberose blooms. Benzoin, vanilla absolute, and massoia bark create a sweet and delicious base accord. Massoia bark has a wonderful lactonic coconut scent and is very long lasting on the skin; it is prohibited by IFRA, so I have not used it in a formula even though I love the scent. African stone tincture adds a subtle animalic note to the base of Treazon, and orris provides some beautiful powdery/woodsy/ionone notes. The drydown is truly gorgeous and lasts quite a few hours. The price is painful because of the high level of tuberose absolute, but if you love tuberose it is fun to try.

Mandy Aftel’s new Wild Roses is a beautiful and exuberant blend. The rose accord is lush, and as a rose lover I find it irresistible. The heliotrope, pimento berry, and apricot add delicious supporting notes, and the indole (combined with the patchouli) adds just enough dirtiness without becoming overly animalic. The natural isolate dimethyl anthranilate adds a soft, fruity orange blossom floral note. The tarragon is noticeable but not strong, so it adds interest without distracting from the main show. The drydown features vanilla and patchouli, and the rose note lasts for a long time considering the perfume is all natural. The ingredients come together to give the impression of a rose garden in full bloom, perfect for those who love lush and spicy rose scents.

I long ago gave up trying to sample all, or even most, of the new niche releases, but I’m trying to sample a few of the indie releases that sound most interesting to me. I’ll try to do more of that next year.

Releases in 2012 and 2013

My two releases for 2012 were Nostalgie in January and Forest Walk in June. I also released a reformulated Champagne de Bois in July and a reformulated Vintage Rose in December; Vintage Rose was different enough to be renamed Rose Volupté, and the new Champagne is the same as the original except with the new labdanum replacing the old.

IMG_0107 edited 3_ 300 dpi smaller Looking back on 2012, it was a good year with lots of progress. I upgraded my 17 ml bottles and imported a new batch of 34 ml bottles. I took part in the July Artisan Fragrance Salon in San Francisco and then began working on the upcoming natural line. Recently, I’ve been sourcing more beautiful natural ingredients and can’t wait to use them.

Looking forward to 2013, my To Do list is longer than is realistic, so I have to choose the things that are closest to my heart and/or best for the business. The naturals project is high priority because it satisfies both of those criteria. Also high on my To Do list is the body oil project. In addition to those goals, I want to get back to the white floral theme that I’ve worked on, and I know people want me to bring Opal back. I did a lot of cleaning and organizing last year to prepare the studio for open hours, and hosting some open hours is still a goal.

We all have goals for each new year, and each new year’s eve brings optimism for how the upcoming year will unfold. Here’s wishing 2013 is a great one for all my fragrance friends!

Happy Holidays!

dove card_sm

I want to thank everyone for continued support of SSS and indie brands in general, and I want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays. I hope you get plenty of time to spend with friends and family.

I realized a few days ago that we usually do a holiday drawing on the blog, and I missed this year. Christmas came much too fast for me, and I didn’t get time for extras this year. Instead of a holiday draw, let’s do a draw as soon as the naturals are done. We can make the prize be samples of the naturals and Rose VoluptĂ©, and we can have multiple winners. Also, in February we have to have a celebration because it will be the 9th SSS anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 9 years!

I am very lucky to have such wonderful customers. It’s truly the best part of the job to get to know you. Whenever I read comments online about how hard it is to do a customer service job, I think how easy it is when you have the world’s best customers. 🙂 Happy holidays!

Checking in…

IMG_0043 edited smaller

I’ve been filling 17 ml bottles to send to Meredith at Sweet Anthem to restock her supplies. I’ve also been filling lots of holiday orders.

I think the formula for cocoa sandalwood is done, and I’m just wearing spiced citrus vetiver to decide if it is done. I’ve not had as much time as I wanted to test, but I’m trying to finish. I will put samples up as soon as I can, but I will plan the official launch to be in January.

Victoria posted a nice discussion today on Bois de Jasmin about the proposed new EU regulations on perfume ingredients. Given the direction we are headed, I really wonder how many more years I will be able to do this. I hope it is not too late to stop the momentum in this direction. The ingredient restrictions are just not making sense.

And I need to say thank you to Sigrun for the lovely review of Voile de Violette!

Mini Sprays Are Back

Mini sprays are back on the site. They are now 3 ml instead of 2.5 ml, and I hope these will be more leak-proof. Because the empty mini sprayers cost more and are larger, I needed to increase the price a bit (but of course the inexpensive 1 ml daubers are still an option for low risk, economical sampling). They do not fit in the old gift boxes since they are taller; I am expecting some new boxes next week that may work. I’ll put the gift box of 5 mini sprayers back up as soon as I have a box that works.

Rose Volupté is also on the site now. Next: batching the first two naturals and putting them on the site.

Happy weekend!

Mini Sprays Update

I have taken the 2.5 mini sprays off the site for a few days. I am replacing them with 3 ml mini sprays that should be more leak-proof on long air flights (I’ve had some problems with the current ones in the last few months). I’ll get the new mini sprays up as soon as I can, probably next Tuesday. I receive one shipment tomorrow and more next week. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but this will be a good move long term. They have glass bottoms and black screw tops very similar to the current ones, but they hold 3.3 ml when filled to the rim. We plan to fill to 3 ml.

Also, thank you, Julia, for including To Dream and Fig Tree in your sleep scent post! I need darkness and quiet to fall asleep too, but these days I’m asleep within a few minutes of my head hitting the pillow around 11:30 or 12. I usually sleep like a rock until the alarm at 7, so I go scent-free at night, letting the remnants of the day’s testing wear off overnight.