Update, and a note on international shipping

I have the final Spiced Citrus Vetiver formula done and am working on batching it. This is the stage I hit a few weeks ago when I opened that new bottle of vetiver and had to reconsider. I’ve now reduced the Sri Lanka vetiver a little bit and added a vetiver CO2 oil. I like it!

A note for international customers: the 17 ml bottles of the boutique collection are back on the site at Sweet Anthem, which is a Seattle boutique that does ship to some international destinations (you can email to inquire about your country).

And some perfume news that might interest you: Olfactif is a new sample service for niche and artisan perfumes that is now accepting subscription sign-ups, and the first month is free to try. The service would make a great gift for someone you know who is new to niche. The first sample sets start shipping any day.

I’m looking forward to Easter with my family. My brother’s family will be up, and we’ll also have family in town from Sweden. Hope you have fun plans for Easter too.

2 thoughts on “Update, and a note on international shipping

    • Thanks, Maggie! I’m doing much better. I’ve not heard of that, but I’ve done a lot of physical therapy. I had a crushed vertebra and surgery with long fusion and rods and a failed disk below the rods, so it’s a complex situation. Taking a break did a lot of good.

      Hope you have a great Easter weekend too!

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