Happy Easter!

180 tulips_sm Happy Easter! Hope you have a nice holiday with your families. We have the first sweet peas of the season blooming here today. Unfortunately we have rain for Easter, but it’s been so lovely here that we can’t complain.

My youngest niece is sick, so we are postponing the Easter egg hunt until next weekend. We did get to have lunch today with family visiting from Sweden, and that was fun. I’m always amazed how well the rest of the world speaks English (and feel guilty for not knowing other languages myself). Hope you have nice family time for Easter too.

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter! Glad you had a good day, although sorry about your niece. We’ve been running about 20 degrees below normal so absolutely nothing in bloom! Unusual for this time of year here. Can’t wait to smell C-V!

    • Thanks! It sounds cold and snowy still in many places, so I appreciate it here even more. Had a lot of orders this weekend so didn’t get much done on SCV but will resume tomorrow.

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