Spring breezes of roses and jasmine

Sitting on the front porch right now is delicious with the air scented by roses and pink jasmine. The jasmine scent travels literally 20 feet from the vine, but it is on the fence farther away and mingles perfectly with the fragrance from the roses that grow up the porch posts closer in.


Clematis and perennials are starting to bloom too.


The little lizards are back basking in the sun — I had to herd one out of the house yesterday with the dust mop (yes, that looked as silly as you imagine). Just picked the first sweet pea bouquet, and just ate the first home grown strawberry of the season!

14 thoughts on “Spring breezes of roses and jasmine

  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing, your porch looks like a pleasant spot. I’m in the midwest where tonight it’s cold with pouring rain. Again. Still, the leaves are coming out on the rose bush 🙂

  2. Are your clematis wild sowed or planted by you? We have a beautiful clematis in NZ but it defies cultivation and can only be seen in the forests. If the plant chooses to grow unattended then they do appear in random gardens. Try to take a clipping or molly-coddle it and it vanishes.

    • Hi Jordan! I bought this one at a nearby nursery, but they don’t really like our hot, dry summers. This one get some partial shade from the porch, which helps. They do seem a bit finicky (at least for me), and some do better than others. There are so many kinds though. Your wild one sounds like it has a mind of its own!

  3. NJ is refusing to give up winter this spring and I still have months to wait for my flowers to look like yours! Right now, it’s just bulbs, and a group 1 clematis. There ARE buds forming on the group 2 clems, lilacs, and 1 peony, so I’m hopeful.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures – you take such good ones!

    • You can grow lilac and peony though, and those are tougher here. My Mom got some decent lilac blooms a few weeks ago because we had just enough cold last winter to coax a few, but I bet yours will be much more spectacular!

  4. laurie,your flowers are so lovely.and you know i live on a mountain preserve and i can not even keep a cactus in a terra cotta pot alive….and as far as pretty flowers or plants inside my home…ALL FAKE SILK AND SOME PAINTINGS.your perfumes can make me feel as were sitting on your beautiful porch in california.desert in az.has beauty but i love all the colors!!!thanks for sharing the photos.you will be hearing from me as i’m almost out of TO DREAM and i can’t let that happen.thank you again for all your kindness,sara

  5. Your home is sooo beautiful, Laurie. I love looking down the expanse of your porch, everything blooming in such a full yet airy fashion. I can’t blame the lizards for wanting to hang out with you! 🙂

    • The lizards are kind of cute, really. I felt sorry for this one being terrified when he realized he’d goofed by running inside.

      I’m really lucky to have the garden and the oaks to stare at. I read about a recent study where they monitored people’s heart rate and blood pressure and determined that green spaces were as good as meditation for relaxing people — I think we already all knew that, lol.

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