Jour Ensoleillé Review on The Fragrant Man

Brie posted a touching review today of Jour Ensoleillé on The Fragrant Man. I can’t tell you how much it means to me when people feel a personal connection to one of my scents. It’s so special to be able to connect this way with people in other locations around the world. I’m very lucky and grateful to be able to have this experience. 🙂 Thanks, Brie!

4 thoughts on “Jour Ensoleillé Review on The Fragrant Man

  1. What an amazing comment on your perfume! I can imagine the pride you must have felt after having read this. The ultimate complement. I can’t imagine having this wonderful of an impact on someone’s life—what a thrill! Good for you…

    • Thanks, Nancy! It makes me very happy to be able to bring pleasure to other people’s lives. It’s a privilege and is the very best thing about making fragrances. 🙂

  2. No Laurie…THANK YOU for making Jour, for sharing your talents as a perfumer and for just being the kind and generous person that you are! I hope that my little post inspires many more perfume lovers to try Jour Ensoleille !

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