Good News For Canadians

Indie Scents LogoThe online boutique Indie Scents has changed hands and is now based in Calgary, Canada. They will still ship to the USA via UPS ground, and shipping to Canadians is now much easier and cheaper. Canadians who want to buy my boutique scents now have an easy way to do it via Indie Scents, and of course this means Canadians will also have easy access to all the indie lines carried there. Indie Scents will also ship overseas to certain countries (you can check their website or send them an email for more info). They are still in the process of setting up in their new location, so give them a few weeks to get organized, but then you might show them some love. 🙂

Jessup Cellars Event August 15-18

dress to the vines smallerJessup Cellars is having a wine and fashion event Aug 15-18, and several Sonoma Scent Studio perfumes will be paired with Jessup wines in a presentation by Mary Orlin, Huffington Post’s Wine Fashionista. The pairings help teach appreciation of aromatic notes through the similarities in the worlds of wine and perfume. Mary will feature four of Jessup’s wines along with several of my scents and some of my essential oils during a forum presentation on Thursday the 15th and in informal walk-though events on Friday and Sunday.

The four-day event, called Dress To The Vines, is part of Jessup’s Tastemaker Speaker Series. The Thursday night forum also features fashion insight from Gastronomique En Vogue (GEV) magazine Editor-in-Chief Kaye Cloutman and Fashion Stylist Karri Grant and will be moderated by wine consultant Melissa Haines. Tickets to the event can be purchased online.

The weekend event includes:
— Thursday, August 15th: Defining Wine Country Fashion: The Who, How, When (a forum)
— Friday, August 16th: Revealing the Scents & Sights of Fashion, through Wine (party and table presentations)
— Saturday, August 17th: Dress to the Vines Fashionista Dinner & After Party
— Sunday, August 18th: Fall Fashion Release: A Designers Market (opportunity to purchase items at pop-up boutique)

Happy 4rth of July!

070811_1913~01We’ve been having a heat wave here for about a week. Temps have been peaking at 95-105 F each afternoon, and night temps have not cooled off like usual. It is supposed to finally cool this weekend. I like it hot, but this is a bit more than ideal even for me, especially since my AC has been temperamental (still awaiting repair). It’s hard to keep the plants happy when it gets this hot, though a few tropical plants look quite pleased with the higher than normal humidity. The mandevilla vine is blooming well and the baby seedlings that it made last fall are taking off. The pretty white flowers have a really lovely soft scent, gentler and cleaner than jasmine or gardenia. I should try to get some photos.

My brother may come up tomorrow for the weekend, which would be nice. Hope you have a fun holiday weekend!