Update/Checking In

I’m still on break but wanted to check in. My left arm is not back into action yet. That will teach me not to try to get large items down from over my head in the supply closet… I do feel progress, but it’s slow.

I needed a lightweight laptop and a back-up to my old Dell, so I recently got a Macbook Pro. This is my first Mac, and I’m having fun with it. Light enough to carry with my right hand, and small enough to use in my lap. I got it a week before this arm injury, and it has been really wonderful right now.

I loved this post today on Bois de Jasmin about trying new scents and savoring fragrance. I relate to everything Victoria wrote.

Fellow artisan perfumer Ayala of Ayala Moriel Perfumes wrote a review of Cocoa Sandalwood recently. Thanks, Ayala! I don’t have as much experience with all-natural formulas as you do, so I very much respect your thoughts 🙂

Fall is just around the corner here. We’re having our late summer heat, but it’s not the kind of killer heat that comes in midsummer. I have tomatoes on the vine, and the last of the lettuce. I love fall, but it’s bittersweet for me because it means summer is gone for another year, and summer is my favorite season.