Checking in…

I wanted to check in with a little update. My arm is doing quite a bit better. It’s not up to normal strength, but my flexibility has improved and I’m able to use it for light tasks now. I’d like to get back to some blending this weekend. I’m taking a few orders via email, but I’m still limiting them until I’m fully up and running. I’d like to put the cart up in time for the holidays.

Victoria posted a review of Spiced Citrus Vetiver on EauMG a couple days ago. Thanks, Victoria! I agree with your comments about the naturals vs synthetics issue. Like you, I enjoy both mixed media and all-natural scents, and I am disappointed when brands intentionally advertise as all-natural when they are not.

6 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. Good to hear you know how to pace yourself as lots of people do not know how. As they say in Asia

    Walk slow
    Watch flower grow

    Ha, and then you can make it into a perfume! And ‘watch’ the maceration.

    • Yes, there’s something to be said for living mindfully! Thanks, Jordan. I’ve learned the hard way to pace myself. I want to be sure I’m beyond the point of easy re-injury before I put the cart up, but it sure feels good to have a useful left arm again!

  2. hello laurie,so happy to hear that you are on the take care and not to over do it! even more now since the last list we talked about.i loved reading the questionaire about beauty!you are so amazing as well as BEAUTIFUL!!! all the best sara

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