Prices Posted Again, and Fall Top 10 Lists

Just a quick note to say that I put the drop-down menus for pricing back up so people can browse the prices again. I’ve had requests for the pricing so that people can plot orders. I did not put the Add To Cart buttons back up yet but will do that later this fall.

SSS scents were on two Fall 2014 Top 10 Lists today: Forest Walk is on Robin’s NST list and Champagne de Bois is on Elisa’s Bois de Jasmin list. That was very nice to see this morning! 🙂

Update and Review on Colognoisseur

We’re starting to batch some scents to build up enough inventory to put the cart up this fall, and I’m trying to finish the first mod of the amber incense. I really like where this new formula is going. I’m in the mood for all naturals these days, and this scent is hitting the spot for me. I hope testers like it too!

Mark Behnke posted a lovely review of Sonoma Scent Studio today on Colognoisseur; his 101 Series describes the top 5 scents that he feels are a good starting point as an introduction to various brands, and I am appreciative that he included Sonoma Scent Studio in the series. He covered Champagne de Bois, Tabac Aurea, Wood Violet, Cocoa Sandalwood, and Velvet Rose, which together give a nice overview of my scent list.

I have always enjoyed reading Mark's coverage of various fragrance events, and he is heading to Pitti in a few days, so look for his coverage of the 2014 fall Pitti event on Colognoisseur soon! 🙂

Signs of Fall


My Japanese Maple trees think it is fall already — their leaves are turning bright shades of red. Although I love the beautiful fall season here, I am always sad to see summer go.


The grape harvest is just beginning, and soon we will be hearing the rumble of the large gondola trucks traveling down the road carrying their load of freshly cut wine grapes. The afternoon light on the hills becomes more and more golden as the season progresses. I try to spend as many evenings outside as possible this time of year.

I’m still working on the new amber incense. I have one mod that I like, and I’m comparing it to other slight variations to see if any changes improve it.