A few links on the GMO issue

Dr. Michael Greger of NutritionFacts.org released two videos last week relevant to the GMO issue that I found very interesting. I’m sure we don’t want to get into the whole GMO debate here, but I thought my readers might find these videos interesting too.

When considering the safety of GMO crops, you have to consider not just the GMO changes but also the increased pesticides on the crops as the result of the genetic engineering to make them withstand much larger pesticide doses. In the first video, Dr. Greger summarizes some studies showing that the levels of RoundUp are much higher on GMO “RoundUp Ready” soy, and then in the next video he starts to tackle the issue of whether the higher RoundUp levels are potentially detrimental to humans who eat the crops. One more video on this topic is coming on Monday.

It’s disheartening to see GMO labeling requirements keep getting defeated, but it’s one more reason to eat organic.

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