Testing, testing, 1,2,3…

I have been testing small batches of Amber Incense as I scale up the formula, making twice as much each time. I think I will put samples on the site within a few days. I’ll post again here when I put them up. It’s always hard to let a new one go and call it done. 🙂

We’ve had some beautiful spring weather, so I thought I’d share a couple of recent photos. Here’s a perfect blossom of the rose called Memorial Day.


And here is a gorgeous anise swallowtail butterfly that my assistant hatched and brought over for me to see before she released it.


She’s an expert at feeding and caring for the caterpillars that then turn into these magnificent butterflies. We can help them out in our gardens by planting host plants (monarchs need milkweed; anise swallowtails like fennel, Queen Anne’s Lace, and parsley; pipevine swallowtails need Dutchman’s pipe vine), though do your research because some of the host plants can be invasive and may be best contained in pots or designated areas. If you’re interested in butterfly gardening, you can find a lot of info on the net.

I’ll be back soon with news about Amber Incense, and then I can get to work on the next new formula. It’s always fun to work on something new! 🙂