Garden Pics Spring 2015

This morning was bright but cloudy, perfect for taking some photos in the garden.

Here is Climbing Pinky rose on the left and an overgrown Jacques Cartier rose on the right. Oak trees in the background.

Here is Ballerina rose, a hybrid musk.

Here is Iris pallida, the iris that is grown to produce roots for use in perfume (orris root).

Here is my lettuce garden on the back porch. Love the new spring green leaves on the oaks that wrap around the cottage.

Here are my tomato and strawberry plants on the front porch.

It’s a beautiful time of year. Soon it will become hot and dry, and the plants will suffer, but spring is bursting forth for now. 🙂

About Laurie E

artisan perfumer and owner of Sonoma Scent Studio
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8 Responses to Garden Pics Spring 2015

  1. BJ says:

    Lovely photos Laurie. I can only pretend to imagine the heaven scents and beauty of your surroundings!

  2. poodle says:

    I would kill for a porch like that! Great pictures.

  3. AnnYM says:

    Our planting season has just started and I just popped some seedlings into the ground. Can’t wait till we can start harvesting!

  4. Cathy B. says:

    What lovely pictures! Nothing beats a salad with fresh lettuce and homegrown tomatoes!! I have lettuce in a large pot, but will probably wait for another week or two to put anything in the garden because of the cool weather. We did buy a few of our favorite heirloom tomatoes to plant, Old German. I also like to grow plum tomatoes to can. They are so delicious to stew or use in soups and sauces.

    • Laurie E says:

      Nothing like home-grown tomatoes! I’ve never done canning before but I froze some last year in glass jars. May try a bit more of that this year. Good luck with yours!

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