Checking in…

A week ago I had the pleasure of spending a day with a family friend that I’ve not seen in years, and then last weekend some of our relatives from Sweden came to visit. It was great to see everyone.

I’m having some work done in the cottage the week of Sept 21 and will have to move everything out of the workroom for a week. I need to keep the shopping cart down until after that, but I will continue to fill orders via email for those who need things in the meantime. I won’t be able to take any orders, even by email, the week of Sept 21, so please plan ahead if you need something before October. I can’t believe how fast the summer is going.

It was well over 100 degrees here today. There is a haze on the horizon, sadly, from the wildfires in the area. No fires are dangerously close to us right now, but they are close enough to cause a smoky haze in the air. Everything is so dry; we really need rain this winter in CA.

Editing to add a note: If you will need an order during Sept 20-28, talk with me ahead of time and I could pack your order ahead to ship on the appropriate date. I’ll have access to email and could ship during that time, but I would need to pre-pack the order before Sept 20. I’ll have the lab back up and running after Sept 28.

Birds and Butterflies!


A few days ago I watched the first flight of a gulf fritillary butterfly after it emerged from the chrysalis; I was babysitting it for Nancy and had the fun of watching it emerge. The butterfly took a little while to fly off, flapping and drying its wings before it was ready to fly. Then off it went high up into an oak tree.


The next day, I watched a small bird (maybe a finch?) bobbing back and forth wildly as it rode on an anise hyssop wand, eating the seeds from the dried flower pod. The bird was too heavy for the branch so the branch kept falling over to the ground and then popping back up, but the bird held on and kept eating.


It had a pretty yellow breast. We have house finches with red breasts and also these small birds with yellow breasts (not sure what they are). My pictures aren’t great because it was hard to focus while it was in motion and I couldn’t get very close, but it was still fun to get a few photos. Maybe someone can identify it for me.


I’m still working on the gardenia, and getting some medical appointments done while on my time off. My side injury seems healed, and we have family coming this Friday through Sunday.

Hope your summer is going well!