Checking in with some news and signs of spring

I have some possible good news on international shipping. I am setting up international shipping with UPS and should be able to start sending some international packages next week. I won’t know the rates until after Monday. International shipping is expensive; it may be more economical for several people to place a group order and then split the shipping, but at least we will now have some possibilities. I will know more next week.

We have had a lovely teaser of spring weather here that has brought out the daffodils and the yellow mustard blossoms in the vineyards. The picture below shows a vineyard near us about a week ago.


I’ve been having fun snapping pics with a new cell phone camera. This is my first smartphone and first phone with a camera, so you have to excuse my enthusiasm. 🙂 Here are some paperwhites in a pot on my porch.

paperwhites_2smallest The plum tree has just opened up almost all its beautiful pink blooms, and now today we are having a downpour of rain. I hope the plum blossoms can survive the storm, but I’ll likely lose a lot of them.

I’ll check in again soon with more news about international shipping, and a few other items of interest.