Update on International Shipping

I was able to set up international shipping with UPS.

For Canada, shipping for most orders would be $25 via UPS Ground, plus brokerage fees and duties/taxes. I’m told that brokerage fees for orders under $100 would be expected to be around $10, but there’s no way for me to predict brokerage fees before sending. Canadian taxes on imported items are high, sadly.

For Europe, UPS rates seem to start at just over $100 even for small packages, so that’s not practical unless you get together with other people and place a large order. (Rates don’t increase much even for bigger orders.)

The freight forwarder called MyUS is a more cost-effective shipment method for people in Europe. Several people in the UK have used MyUS to purchase from me and it has worked for them. It’s still expensive, but half as much as UPS.

I also send quite a few packages to hotels in the US, timed to meet people when they or their family members visit.

So that’s a quick update on the international shipping options at the moment. I wish we had less expensive options, but that’s what I currently have available to me.

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