2016 Perfumed Plume Awards

logo_PerfumedPlumeThe Perfumed Plume Awards for fragrance journalism were just announced, and the Perfume In Progress post Ten Tips For Exploring The World Of Perfume was named one of the top submissions. I’m honored to be included in such good company!

Mark Behnke of Colognoisseur, Jasia Julia Nielson with Michelyn Camen of Cafleurebon, and Dana El Masri with Michelyn Camen of Cafleurebon received first prizes for the blog categories. This awards program is the first in the US that is dedicated to fragrance writing, similar to the Jasmine Awards in the UK and Prix Jasmine in France. There are several awards for fragrance writing that are given as part of the annual US Fragrance Foundation Awards, but this is the first fragrance awards program in the US that is dedicated solely to writing. Congrats to all, and best wishes to the Perfumed Plume program!

2 thoughts on “2016 Perfumed Plume Awards

  1. Congratulations Laurie! That is fabulous!! It is a wonderful article and I am happy it was recognized. Enjoy your spring. I see many beautiful rose bouquets so I know it is full of beauty.

    • Thanks, Julie! I hope the post will help newbies as they join our world of scent. 🙂

      I love spring. Yes, I’ve been posting roses on my Facebook page. Need to post a few here too. I’ll have upcoming posts on the newest scent in progress and the AIX Scent Fair.

      Hope you enjoy spring too!

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