Sending Warm Holiday Wishes


We’ve had a busy month here at SSS, but orders slowed today now that Christmas is almost here. I have just taken the shopping cart down tonight so that I can finish my own gifts, spend time with family for the holidays, and clean up the lab for some cabinet/shelving repair that is scheduled for January 8th-10th. My assistant is leaving town to spend time with her family too. I will be back with more posts, and I can take some orders via email after the holidays. I have more Forest Walk ready to go after Jan 1.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate!

2 thoughts on “Sending Warm Holiday Wishes

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I am so grateful for the wonderful fragrances you create. My Christmas Eve scent is Bee’s Bliss. I am loving this fragrance!!

    • Merry Christmas, Cathy! That’s so sweet of you, and it’s really nice to hear that you’re enjoying Bee’s Bliss! Thanks for letting me know! Hope you and your family have a lovely day tomorrow!

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