Sonoma Scent Studio is a small artisan perfumery in Healdsburg, California that offers original perfumes by Laurie Erickson; the fragances are hand blended in small batches from the very best aromatic ingredients, including carefully sourced beautiful naturals from around the world and fine synthetics from the major fragrance companies IFF, Givaudan, Firmenich etc.  This blog gives updates and more detailed behind-the-scenes info than what you’ll find on the main site’s What’s New page.  The blog also provides some articles on general perfume topics and occasional posts on gardening, botanical art, and local artisans around Healdsburg.  Hope you enjoy it!


website:  http://www.sonomascentstudio.com

email:  info@sonomascentstudio.com

My other interests include gardening, making gemstone jewelry, reading, geology, and photography.

Education: MS in Geomechanics and BS in Environmental Earth Science, both from Stanford University

4 Responses to About

  1. Hi there…just wanted to give you a Big shout out…Lovely blog!
    The layout has a very fresh and clean feel to it.
    Followed your blog…great work ☺
    Love from India

  2. Kandy festa says:

    We are a Lilac farm in upstate ny see.cherryvalleylilacs.com

    .we have successfully accomplished the process of Enfleurage and sent our product to Columbia south america and received back a,lovely absolute. Would love to make it ourselves to avoid that cost of sending and processing there..If we came to you would you be open to teaching us. We would gladly pay you. Blessings on your work. Kandy

    • Laurie E says:

      Hi Kandy,
      Wow, what a wonderful product you are developing! Perfumers have longed to have a natural lilac oil! I wish you much success with your project. Let me email you. I think I know a few people who could help give you some instruction. I can give you some basic info too. I’ll send you an email later today. You are also welcome to email me at info@sonomascentstudio.com. Thanks for stopping by!

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