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Mid summer check-in

I’ve been enjoying our warm summer weather, harvesting lots of tomatoes (sweet 100 and early girl) and strawberries, and also working on the floral scent that’s been in development for quite a while. The tomatoes are providing too much harvest … Continue reading

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Presentation: Art History in Perfume Advertising

Tickets are on sale for Jessica Murphy’s presentation titled Pleasures, Taboos, Magic: Art History in Perfume Advertising held in NYC at 7 p.m. on July 19. You might know Jessica through her writing for Now Smell This, but she also has a Ph.D. … Continue reading

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Review of Aera Home Scenting System

Recently I was asked if I wanted to test an Aera home scenting device with fragrances that were created by top perfumers such as Christophe Laudamiel, Annie Buzantian, Sabine de Tscharner, Raymond Matts, and Brian Wilcheck. Some of my readers might … Continue reading

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Genetics and environment both play a role in the sense of smell

I saw this article a while back and haven’t had time to post a link until now, but I wanted to include it in our series of posts on the genetic variance in the sense of smell (to find the … Continue reading

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Checking in…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in on the blog. I’m still working on the two new scents and will post about them when they are ready for sampling. I thought I’d share a few pictures from this … Continue reading

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More research on the differences in our scent perception

A recent article in Inside Science describes more evidence that people experience scents differently. (Perfume In Progress has followed this research topic for a number of years; you can find a series of posts about it by searching for the #genetics tag on our … Continue reading

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Checking in…

I’m working on mods for two scents that are both close to being done; one is the chocolate gourmand that I’ve mentioned before, and one is the floral that I worked on last summer with orange blossom, mimosa, and jasmine. I’m … Continue reading

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