New Scent Coming: Equestrian

horse&riderThe new hay and leather scent that I have mentioned here a few times is called Equestrian and should be ready by the first week of June. I sent a 5 ml travel spray to the AIX Scent Fair for a sneak peek, and Equestrian received a nice mention in a Basenotes overview of the Scent Fair. I’ll post here when it becomes available for sale.

Top: apple, grass
Heart: leather, jasmine, violet
Base: cedar, sandalwood, moss, labdanum, patchouli, benzoin

Spring Pics For May Day

We had a lovely day for May Day here yesterday, with a gorgeous blue sky, puffy clouds, and warm weather. The trees have leafed out in their spring green, and the hills have not yet turned from their winter green to their dry summer gold.

My roses are in their first bloom of the season, and my Mom’s garden is producing a heavy crop of fragrant sweet peas, which she generously shares. The yellow roses below are David Austin’s Graham Thomas. The sweet peas self sow each year.

I shipped my display to the AIX fair and look forward to seeing how that goes next weekend. I’m working on the new scent and will post about it later this week.




Checking in with some news and signs of spring

I have some possible good news on international shipping. I am setting up international shipping with UPS and should be able to start sending some international packages next week. I won’t know the rates until after Monday. International shipping is expensive; it may be more economical for several people to place a group order and then split the shipping, but at least we will now have some possibilities. I will know more next week.

We have had a lovely teaser of spring weather here that has brought out the daffodils and the yellow mustard blossoms in the vineyards. The picture below shows a vineyard near us about a week ago.


I’ve been having fun snapping pics with a new cell phone camera. This is my first smartphone and first phone with a camera, so you have to excuse my enthusiasm. 🙂 Here are some paperwhites in a pot on my porch.

paperwhites_2smallest The plum tree has just opened up almost all its beautiful pink blooms, and now today we are having a downpour of rain. I hope the plum blossoms can survive the storm, but I’ll likely lose a lot of them.

I’ll check in again soon with more news about international shipping, and a few other items of interest.

Creating a Rose Accord

003 edited sm2.jpgI was one of four artisan perfumers interviewed for a post on Cafleurebon about creating rose accords. You might enjoy reading about that topic, and as of this posting you still have time to enter their drawing. I enjoyed being included with Elise Pearlstine of Tambela Perfumes, Maggie Mahboubian of Lalun Naturals, and Jane Cate of Wing & A Prayer.

(Photo of climbing Pinkie taken in summer here .)

Checking in, and Pacific Forest Review…


We’ve been getting quite a bit of rain in CA, which is good news for reducing the water deficit from our several-year drought. Above is a picture of a New Dawn winter bloom on my front porch, next to a rose hip.

And below is a close-up photo of some moss on an oak tree by my house. The  moss seems to love the rain. Up close, this particular moss looks like tiny evergreen leaves, very pretty in detail.


I just joined Instagram, so I will be trying to take more photos this year. I was touched to see quite a few SSS product shots that people have posted on Instagram over the last couple of years. Fun to see beautiful photos people have taken of the SSS bottles!

There was a lovely review of the new Pacific Forest on Scent Hive last week. Thanks so much, Trish!

Just a quick note on stock: Nostalgie is out of stock but should be back by the end of next week.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday season (I enjoyed seeing my brother and his family!). January is always a flurry of paperwork, filing sales taxes and 1099’s and starting to work on income taxes. I think most of us are happier when that part of the year is over!