Happy New Year!


Wishing everyone the best for 2016! Hope the new year brings you much happiness.

Many thanks to Cafleurebon for including the new Pacific Forest in their Best Of 2015 fragrance list! What a wonderful way to celebrate the launch!

I can’t wait to start working on some new formulas. I have several interesting new ingredients that are calling out to be used.

Happy New Year!!

Happy Holidays!

Snoopy_xmas_hug_3Wishing all of you a very happy holiday with friends and family, however you celebrate. I’ll spend Christmas eve with my parents and will see my brother and his family for New Year’s weekend. In between, I’ll release the new Pacific Forest. 🙂

I appreciate all of you more than I can say. May the new year bring you lots of good things, and may the holiday spirit of peace, joy, and gratitude be with you throughout the coming year!

Pacific Forest, launch, review, drawing

Redwoods_LookingUp_smThe new Sonoma Scent Studio natural forest scent, Pacific Forest, is launching with samples available by the end of this week and bottles next week. It has just been beautifully reviewed by Tammy at Cafleurebon and Julie at The Redolent Mermaid. You can enter a drawing for 3 ml samples at Cafleurebon if you leave a comment there before the draw closes.

This scent is 99% natural, taking the woods notes from Forest Walk (hemlock spruce, pine, fir, oakwood, sandalwood, cedar, oakmoss) and blending them with a natural amber base. Lasting power is good for me, though sillage is low (it stays close to the body since it is natural). The drydown is a cozy woodsy amber that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing everyone a happy holiday with family and friends! My brother and his family will be coming tonight to spend a few days here, and I’m looking forward to seeing them, especially because they’ve not had time to visit since Easter.

The shopping cart has been up for a few weeks now, and we are staying caught up with orders (knock on wood!). I’m nearly done with the new forest scent and still hope to release it in the next few weeks.

I’d like to share links to two recent posts on the power and role of art in difficult times: Victoria wrote a beautiful post Uplifting Power of Beauty on Bois de Jasmin, and Saskia wrote a heartfelt post Perfumery in Uncertain Times on the IAO’s blog for their awards program. Both posts eloquently explore a topic that has been on all our minds lately. There have been difficult times in my life when the beauty of nature, fragrant art, and literature have helped to keep me going, and yet I know that others have endured even more trying times during which the small beauties of life become very precious indeed.

I’m thankful for all the good things in my life, including all of you. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate in one way or another!

Quick Update

I will put the buy buttons for samples (1 ml and 3 ml) back up within a day or two (I am shooting for the evening of Nov 6 but it could be Nov 7). I will put the buy buttons for bottle sizes back up next week. I’m busy batching things and trying to finish the new formula for the natural forest scent (the formula is done but needs to be scaled up). Once I open I won’t be able to work on it, so I’m trying to get it done now. Almost there!

Setting the lab back up this week

The floors in the cottage have their new finish, and the lab now has a new coat of paint in the same color as my bedroom (a soft gray green that I have loved). My furniture has been out in the garage for a week, and I’ve been staying at my parents’ house. Tomorrow everything will be moved back into the house. It was a big job to move all my stuff and I don’t plan to ever do it again, but I think it was worthwhile. The floor finish had failed in a number of places, but it looks really nice now.

The picture above is my bedroom (no furniture) with my lettuce pot garden outside the door. The photo below is the lab, also empty. It will be full again tomorrow and hopefully back in action by the end of the week! 🙂


Update: Lab closed Sept 18 – Oct 2

Time to check in. I’m having some work done in the lab next week (floors and paint), so I am packing things in boxes this week to clean up. While I am at it, I’m reorganizing the large ingredient cabinet on the wall and creating more storage space in the refrigerator and shelf unit in the basement. I have been out of space in the lab wall cabinet, so this will really help. The painting should be done on the 28th-29th, and I’ll put the lab back together after that. I will be unable to ship any orders while the lab is closed, from Sept 18 until about Oct 2. I hope I’ve taken care of most people who need orders. Quite a few packages went out last week.

You may have seen the California Valley Fire on the news. The fires are just to the north and east of us, very close but not threatening our area. So sad to see many people lose their homes. We may get a little rain tomorrow (only half an inch, but even that would be a big help to the firefighters).

Checking in…

A week ago I had the pleasure of spending a day with a family friend that I’ve not seen in years, and then last weekend some of our relatives from Sweden came to visit. It was great to see everyone.

I’m having some work done in the cottage the week of Sept 21 and will have to move everything out of the workroom for a week. I need to keep the shopping cart down until after that, but I will continue to fill orders via email for those who need things in the meantime. I won’t be able to take any orders, even by email, the week of Sept 21, so please plan ahead if you need something before October. I can’t believe how fast the summer is going.

It was well over 100 degrees here today. There is a haze on the horizon, sadly, from the wildfires in the area. No fires are dangerously close to us right now, but they are close enough to cause a smoky haze in the air. Everything is so dry; we really need rain this winter in CA.

Editing to add a note: If you will need an order during Sept 20-28, talk with me ahead of time and I could pack your order ahead to ship on the appropriate date. I’ll have access to email and could ship during that time, but I would need to pre-pack the order before Sept 20. I’ll have the lab back up and running after Sept 28.

Drawing for sample sets, and a quick update

You can head over to Cafleurebon if you’d like to enter a drawing for sample sets from SSS, Ineke, and Cognoscenti. The post is about how artisan perfumers name their scents. Naming can be hard!

My side injury is feeling quite a bit better. My assistant is going on vacation soon though, and then we have family coming August 7-9. I will plan to keep the cart down until after August 10 since this is a busy time and since I’m trying to get some medical appointments out of the way now too. I’m still filling orders for people who need gifts or who are timing international packages, so do email me if you need something.

Hope everyone’s summer is going well!