You can add our blog to your RSS feed or you can receive an email each time we add a blog update so you don’t have to remember to check back; you can subscribe via email using the link to the right in the sidebar area at the top.

Also, you can keep track of many perfume-related blogs by going here:

That drydown site is affiliated with basenotes and compiles links to all the latest posts on many perfume blogs, including Perfume In Progress.

In addition to the blog, Sonoma Scent Studio also sends out occasional newsletters whenever new scents or products are released or when there’s a special offer; the newsletters are not monthly but just when there is something to announce, so you won’t get overloaded with email from it. You can go to this page to sign up to be on the newsletter email list:

2 Responses to Subscribe

  1. Sharan Somanna says:

    how do i register for a short term course on perfumery

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