Update and some links…

I’m making progress on all fronts here (dishwasher installation is in progress at this moment, I’m researching medical insurance, we’re hosting some family visits etc). I’m working on Amber Incense in my spare moments.

I’m very appreciative to see that Robin included Incense Pure on her fall 2014 incense list yesterday along with some other great incense ideas. I’m hoping people will like the new all-natural Amber Incense too.

Last week Mark posted a nice explanation of supercritical extracts and included a fun video by Mane that explains the process. It might be of interest if you missed it.

I wanted to bookmark/link here to another article I’d noticed about the genetic variation in olfactory perception. It’s a topic we’ve discussed here over the years, so I try to tag the studies I notice on this subject.

One more link of interest: recently U.K. perfumer Pia Long was interviewed by Christine of Perfumer Supply House. Pia has worked for Lush Cosmetics (she’s currently at Equinox Aromas) and is an eloquent speaker and talented writer. The audio interview runs long but is quite worthwhile, especially if you are interested in the perfume ingredient regulations issue.

Petition Concerning EU Regulations

I posted on Feb 13 about the latest round in proposed EU restrictions on perfumery ingredients, and I posted again shortly thereafter to give the
address for emails to the EU commission for those who wanted to voice their concerns. There is now a petition you can sign on parfumo.net if you would like a quicker way to make your voice heard than writing a letter yourself. It doesn’t take long to read and sign the petition if you agree with it. Many of you will have already seen the petition since it has been mentioned on numerous blogs and on Facebook, but I thought I’d post for people who have not seen it yet.

European Commission Accepting Comments

The European Commission is accepting comments about restrictions and labeling of allergens in perfume. The following link takes you to a post that provides more information and gives the email and snail mail addresses for public comment. This is your chance to make your voice heard.

Mark Behnke wrote a very interesting blog post on his new blog the Colognoisseur about the inadequacy of the allergy testing used to make the EU rulings, and he explains why we need better allergy trials. He is a chemist with the background to speak knowledgeably on this topic. He writes, “The studies these bans and restrictions have been based on were performed one time at one concentration on 25 patients with no controls, positive or negative!” He suggests that proper studies be done with controls, multiple concentrations, more people, and multiple ethnicities to see if the 23 identified allergens are really a problem.

A post on Grain de Musc gives the timeline for what will happen and encourages people to contribute their opinions via the contact addresses given.

More news on ingredient restrictions

Here is an article today on the Reuters site about even tighter ingredient restrictions being discussed in the EU. It is quite depressing. This won’t have immediate impact on small indies in the USA (as long as they don’t want to sell in the EU), but I wonder where all this is going for the industry. Honestly, the long-term outlook for the industry is just not looking good to me. People are so afraid of lawsuits and skin reactions that zero risk is becoming the rule of the day, and the only way to accomplish zero risk is zero fragrance. I am amazed that we have so many new indies entering the market given the current trends in regulation and anti-fragrance sentiment. It does not seem like a good time to invest in a new venture in fragrance, yet we have a flood of new brands. It is not making sense to me.