Weather delay and update

Northern California is having a major storm right now. We’ve had a ton of rain in the last 24 hours, about 7 inches in our rain gauge here already and it’s still coming down. The road to my house has some flooding and we might not have mail service for a few days. We can probably get out tomorrow to mail packages, but not today. I will keep your orders safe here until we can get them out. Please allow an extra day or two, and possibly more if you live in an area that is also experiencing difficult weather. We do need rain, so this is probably good, but it’s a bit much of a good thing in a short timespan.

I just updated the shopping cart to a new version that is mobile friendly. Let me know if you notice any problems, but it seems to be working fine. I hope to make the whole site more mobile friendly next year.

I’ve had a high order volume the last few weeks with lots of packages going out. I’ve not had time to work on Amber Incense, but I hope to get back to that between Christmas and New Year’s.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


I wanted to check in and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. We’ll be having Thanksgiving here with my brother’s family. I’ll probably put the shopping cart up this weekend, after I’ve had a few days with family (they’re here until Sunday morning).

I’ve been delayed on the Amber Incense but am getting back to it. I just received a few new ingredient samples and want to try one or two of them in the formula.

Can’t believe it is Thanksgiving! I’m very thankful for all my friends in the fragrance community and wish all of you a happy holiday!

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A few links on the GMO issue

Dr. Michael Greger of released two videos last week relevant to the GMO issue that I found very interesting. I’m sure we don’t want to get into the whole GMO debate here, but I thought my readers might find these videos interesting too.

When considering the safety of GMO crops, you have to consider not just the GMO changes but also the increased pesticides on the crops as the result of the genetic engineering to make them withstand much larger pesticide doses. In the first video, Dr. Greger summarizes some studies showing that the levels of RoundUp are much higher on GMO “RoundUp Ready” soy, and then in the next video he starts to tackle the issue of whether the higher RoundUp levels are potentially detrimental to humans who eat the crops. One more video on this topic is coming on Monday.

It’s disheartening to see GMO labeling requirements keep getting defeated, but it’s one more reason to eat organic.

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Some links: free essential oil chemistry database and videos

For those interested in perfumery and essential oils, Dr. Robert Pappas has made his video series “The Chemistry of Essential Oils” available for free on youtube. He also maintains a free database at EOU (Essential Oil University) with information about the chemical constituents in many essential oils.

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Quick Update…

I was going to put samples up tonight, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow night because I need to get some things done tomorrow without having orders. I did finish the initial draft of the new Amber Incense page. The cart buttons should be up tomorrow for samples. :) Ambre Noir is temporarily out of stock (I’m out of an ingredient, but it is still possible to get it); I think all else will be available.

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Checking in and update…


Here’s a picture of some fall hydrangea blossoms. I cut them to bring in before a much-needed rainstorm here in northern CA.

If all goes well, my plan is to put samples back up for sale late next week and bottles the following week. I’ll post again next week about that.

Still working on the Amber Incense. I’m trying some beta damascone in it and really like it, but I’ll need to get the natural isolate version since I want to keep this formula all natural.

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Update and some links…

I’m making progress on all fronts here (dishwasher installation is in progress at this moment, I’m researching medical insurance, we’re hosting some family visits etc). I’m working on Amber Incense in my spare moments.

I’m very appreciative to see that Robin included Incense Pure on her fall 2014 incense list yesterday along with some other great incense ideas. I’m hoping people will like the new all-natural Amber Incense too.

Last week Mark posted a nice explanation of supercritical extracts and included a fun video by Mane that explains the process. It might be of interest if you missed it.

I wanted to bookmark/link here to another article I’d noticed about the genetic variation in olfactory perception. It’s a topic we’ve discussed here over the years, so I try to tag the studies I notice on this subject.

One more link of interest: recently U.K. perfumer Pia Long was interviewed by Christine of Perfumer Supply House. Pia has worked for Lush Cosmetics (she’s currently at Equinox Aromas) and is an eloquent speaker and talented writer. The audio interview runs long but is quite worthwhile, especially if you are interested in the perfume ingredient regulations issue.

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