New Scent Coming: Equestrian

horse&riderThe new hay and leather scent that I have mentioned here a few times is called Equestrian and should be ready by the first week of June. I sent a 5 ml travel spray to the AIX Scent Fair for a sneak peek, and Equestrian received a nice mention in a Basenotes overview of the Scent Fair. I’ll post here when it becomes available for sale.

Top: apple, grass
Heart: leather, jasmine, violet
Base: cedar, sandalwood, moss, labdanum, patchouli, benzoin

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Spring Pics For May Day

We had a lovely day for May Day here yesterday, with a gorgeous blue sky, puffy clouds, and warm weather. The trees have leafed out in their spring green, and the hills have not yet turned from their winter green to their dry summer gold.

My roses are in their first bloom of the season, and my Mom’s garden is producing a heavy crop of fragrant sweet peas, which she generously shares. The yellow roses below are David Austin’s Graham Thomas. The sweet peas self sow each year.

I shipped my display to the AIX fair and look forward to seeing how that goes next weekend. I’m working on the new scent and will post about it later this week.




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Update: AIX Scent Fair, and YouTube Review


The photo above shows sample sets in progress for the AIX Scent Fair. I will be sharing a table with Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids Perfumes. Ellen has kindly offered to work the table for us both; I won’t be there in person, but I am grateful for this opportunity to take part in the show. I will send testers of the whole line to the show, including a sneak peek tester of my upcoming new scent. Ellen and I will also exhibit four ingredients for fair visitors to sniff, along with examples of how we each use those ingredients in scents to achieve very different visions.

An amazing YouTube review of Winter Woods and Tabac Aurea was just posted yesterday. Thanks so much to Nicholas!

I’m working on scaling up the formula for the new hay/leather scent and will post more about it soon. :)

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2016 Perfumed Plume Awards

logo_PerfumedPlumeThe Perfumed Plume Awards for fragrance journalism were just announced, and the Perfume In Progress post Ten Tips For Exploring The World Of Perfume was named one of the top submissions. I’m honored to be included in such good company!

Mark Behnke of Colognoisseur, Jasia Julia Nielson with Michelyn Camen of Cafleurebon, and Dana El Masri with Michelyn Camen of Cafleurebon received first prizes for the blog categories. This awards program is the first in the US that is dedicated to fragrance writing, similar to the Jasmine Awards in the UK and Prix Jasmine in France. There are several awards for fragrance writing that are given as part of the annual US Fragrance Foundation Awards, but this is the first fragrance awards program in the US that is dedicated solely to writing. Congrats to all, and best wishes to the Perfumed Plume program!

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Spring Update and AIX Scent Fair in May


I wanted to check in on this rainy first day of spring. I’m working on a new scent with hay and leather notes (more on that to come!).

I’m planning to take part in the AIX Scent Fair May 6-8 in Los Angeles. If you can be in the area at that time you’ll want to attend because it will be a great chance to meet fellow perfume lovers and try perfumes from many artisan brands. I won’t be there in person, but my line will share a table with another indie and you’ll be able to sniff testers of both our scents. In addition to 40 tables of perfumes to explore, you can participate in workshops and attend the keynote presentation. It should be fun! The fair is being co-organized by the Institute for Art and Olfaction, Luckyscent, and Hammer Museum. I will post more about it as the date nears.

I took the photo above a few weeks ago when the daffodils were in bloom. Now the bulbs and plum tree are done blooming, the oak trees are leafing out, and the roses are setting their first buds. Happy Spring!

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Update on International Shipping

I was able to set up international shipping with UPS.

For Canada, shipping for most orders would be $25 via UPS Ground, plus brokerage fees and duties/taxes. I’m told that brokerage fees for orders under $100 would be expected to be around $10, but there’s no way for me to predict brokerage fees before sending. Canadian taxes on imported items are high, sadly.

For Europe, UPS rates seem to start at just over $100 even for small packages, so that’s not practical unless you get together with other people and place a large order. (Rates don’t increase much even for bigger orders.)

The freight forwarder called MyUS is a more cost-effective shipment method for people in Europe. Several people in the UK have used MyUS to purchase from me and it has worked for them. It’s still expensive, but half as much as UPS.

I also send quite a few packages to hotels in the US, timed to meet people when they or their family members visit.

So that’s a quick update on the international shipping options at the moment. I wish we had less expensive options, but that’s what I currently have available to me.

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Checking in with some news and signs of spring

I have some possible good news on international shipping. I am setting up international shipping with UPS and should be able to start sending some international packages next week. I won’t know the rates until after Monday. International shipping is expensive; it may be more economical for several people to place a group order and then split the shipping, but at least we will now have some possibilities. I will know more next week.

We have had a lovely teaser of spring weather here that has brought out the daffodils and the yellow mustard blossoms in the vineyards. The picture below shows a vineyard near us about a week ago.


I’ve been having fun snapping pics with a new cell phone camera. This is my first smartphone and first phone with a camera, so you have to excuse my enthusiasm.:) Here are some paperwhites in a pot on my porch.

paperwhites_2smallest The plum tree has just opened up almost all its beautiful pink blooms, and now today we are having a downpour of rain. I hope the plum blossoms can survive the storm, but I’ll likely lose a lot of them.

I’ll check in again soon with more news about international shipping, and a few other items of interest.

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