Checking in

I’m working on several new scents and hope to release one of them before the end of the year. I’m going to keep the cart down for a few more weeks, but I will put samples back up for sale by early November and bottles by mid November. I’ll use the remaining few weeks of my break to continue working on formulas and batching enough stock to last through the holidays. I’ve been filling some orders for people who are visiting the USA and for people who need gifts, so feel free to reach out to me via email if you need something. The good news is that my back is feeling much better. Now I just need to catch up a little bit more, but I think we all feel like that these days!

We’re having a rainy weekend here in California, which is a good start for the season. I had some help to improve the drip system in the garden and look forward to planting some new things next spring. I did get a new wisteria planted on the arbor and can’t wait to see that grow.

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Update Fall 2016

I’ve been taking a fall break to catch up on some things and to work on a new floral formula that I began quite a few months ago. The notes include bergamot, mimosa, jasmine, orange blossom, lily of the valley, beeswax, greens, amber, cedar, patchouli, and moss. My back has been bothering me the last couple weeks, so that has slowed me down. I want to make more progress before putting the cart buttons up again, but I have my sights on the upcoming holiday season. We need to batch some things to be ready.

This summer a group of wild turkeys has been living here, and they’ve been sleeping in the oak tree outside my bedroom window. They settle in to roost just before dark and then leave at daybreak. It’s funny to see so many large birds balancing in the tree (reminds me of holiday drawings of partridges in the pear tree, only with even bigger birds). I wonder where they go for the winter. In the spring they had lots of babies with them, which was very cute. The babies have grown up and most have gone off now, so the group has dwindled and seems to be just the mothers. Maybe we’ll see them again next spring with a new batch of babies.🙂

Send me an email if you need anything before the cart buttons go up, and I’ll try to post more often with updates.

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Equestrian Review on Fragrantica


Many thanks to Ida for her beautifully written review of the new SSS Equestrian on Fragrantica! I loved reading her memories of barns and horses, as well as her experience with the scent.

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2016 Taste TV Artisan Fragrance Awards

TasteTV_awards_bottle_smFor several years, Taste TV has sponsored an annual awards program for artisan perfumers. I have not entered before, but I submitted three entries for 2016 (you are allowed to enter 1 to 3 entries each year, and they can be any scent that you have not entered before). Entries were due before the new Equestrian was ready, so I entered Yin & Ylang, Amber Incense, and Winter Woods.

Winter Woods received top score in all five of their categories (artistry, aroma, scent seductiveness, ingredient combinations, and uniqueness). Yin & Ylang (a collaboration with Cafleurebon) received top score in three categories. All three entries (Winter Woods, Yin & Ylang,  Amber Incense) received Silver Medals in the Judges Top Selections. The full page of results can be seen here. Congrats to all the perfumers and thank you to Taste TV and the judges for all their work on the awards program!

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Equestrian Drawing and Review on Cafleurebon

Equestrian 1 ml, 3 ml, and 5 ml sizes have been available on the SSS website for about two weeks. Today, Cafleurebon posted a beautiful review and drawing for a 17 ml bottle, so you can head over if you’d like to join the drawing.

Hope your summer is going well!

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I will finally filter the first batch of Equestrian tomorrow and will put samples on the site later this week. I’ll aim to put bottles up next week.

I’m also working on a new floral scent with soft, pretty white florals (jasmine, magnolia, lily of the valley) backed by light greens, amber, and musk.

Sonoma Scent Studio has had some nice press lately. Bustle included SSS as one of seven brands profiled in an article about “Great Scents Without Gender Stereotypes,” which was wonderful to see. Maximilian Must Know posted a lovely Youtube review of Tabac Aurea, Winter Woods, Spiced Citrus Vetiver, and Forest Walk. And Victor wrote beautiful reviews of Fig Tree and Amber Incense on his blog Life With Perfumes.

I will post again when Equestrian is on the site — very soon now.🙂

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New Scent Coming: Equestrian

horse&riderThe new hay and leather scent that I have mentioned here a few times is called Equestrian and should be ready by the first week of June. I sent a 5 ml travel spray to the AIX Scent Fair for a sneak peek, and Equestrian received a nice mention in a Basenotes overview of the Scent Fair. I’ll post here when it becomes available for sale.

Top: apple, grass
Heart: leather, jasmine, violet
Base: cedar, sandalwood, moss, labdanum, patchouli, benzoin

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