Turn-around time is about 4-5 days instead of the usual 1-2 because of an influx of orders. I’ll try to catch up as soon as can. I finished the label files and gave them to the printer so I’ll get a proof next week. Good to have that done!

Gardenia Musk is on hold while I work on catching up on orders. I have a few more things I want to try on it. I usually get something I like and then try to think what might make it better. Often I find some change that improves the formula, and then I repeat the exercise, again looking for ways to improve it. Sometimes it’s obvious what needs to be done and other times it takes experimenting. I won’t be able to get back to it until the end of next week.

Will post a little more in a day or two.


My personal cds email has been down since 11 am today (Tues) so I’m using my msn email addy for a while, and you can always reach me via the website email info@sonomascentstudio.com. The cds server is down but all my other emails are working.

Sent out a newsletter today!

New Winter Woods is on the site

I just added Winter Woods to the site.  It’s a gentler smoky woods scent than the Firesides, with a gourmand amber and woods drydown, quite delicious and long-lasting. Here’s the website description:


For those who tested samples, it is #5, which is similar to #4 but without one earthy ingredient and with added ambergris.  If you tested another version and want a sample of #5 I’ll try to get one to you.  Many thanks to those who test sniffed!

Scent update

Winter Woods should be on the site for purchase the week of the 22, and the description is up on the site now. Gardenia Musk will be along shortly thereafter. Reves will be a little longer.

I tried Ineke Evening Edged In Gold yesterday. The prominent base of cedar with fruits and cinnamon reminds me of Feminite de Bois, but this has osmanthus with a hint of leather. Osmanthus absolute is yummy stuff; it has floral, fruit, and leathery components to its scent. EEEIG is just a touch sweet, but very pretty and very long lasting on me.

I need to watch my typing for a few weeks; I’ve been doing too much and my wrists are acting up, so I’ll make this short and sign off for now… Happy weekend!

Update and reviews

I just discoverd some very nice blog reviews about Sonoma Scent Studio on a couple blogs that are new to me; they have some interesting posts, the first on indie handmade products and the second on perfume and foodie/cooking interests.   It’s always fun to see when people are enjoying the scents and I appreciate the kind words.



I just finished a large order of lotion jars for a lavender theme party and it feels good to be done.   I’m testing a new version of Reves with some white floral notes added and like the additions. I’m also subtracting some things because the formula was getting too complex and sometimes it’s best to edit.

Fall is in the air

It sure is starting to feel like fall.  Days are getting shorter and the mornings and evenings have a little crispness.  Considering the wild weather around the country, we’re very lucky here.  It’s the wrong season, but Gardenia Musk is about done and I’ll go ahead and add it to the list soon.   On the other hand, Winter Woods is very timely and is just about done.   I’ll send a newsletter when the new scents are up on the site.

TGIF Update

I’m posting less right now but will get back to the blog more frequently when a couple current projects are done.  In addition to the usual orders, I’m working on a large special order of shea cream jars and also on a product brochure.  I’m also fitting in working on the new scents whenever I can.  I have a Reves mod that I really like a lot and will start to send out some testers.  Gardenia is inching along.  Winter Woods has a yummy long lasting drydown and I’m just seeing if I can smooth the opening despite the smoke notes that open roughly.

The labels on the lotion jars are laminated now so they are prettier and hold up better.   Progresss!  🙂

Odds and ends…

I was able to sneak in a little blending here and there last week and did more testing of the new scents.  Finally got the Gardenia Musk out again today and am really pleased with the lasting power of the latest mod.  I hope to try a couple more things tomorrow and send a few testers out soon.  Made progress on Reves; I love the addition of the soft rose note and am working on lasting power. 

We’ve been crazy hot here for several weeks now with temps of 110 and more, but finally had some cooling today.  My garden is not happy.  This has been the hottest summer I’ve ever experienced here.

I’ve been working on two projects that have taken too much time, but they should be done within a couple weeks and that will help a lot.  I have a little stack of samples I really want to try soon too!